COVID-19 - Travel info to Sicily

COVID-19 - Travel info to Sicily

Update: Sicily Covid Travel Restrictions – as from 31.03.2021 until 10.05.2021

In view of the latest Italian government decree, as from Wednesday 31st March until 10th May 2021, Sicily will be classified as Orange Zone and movement is only allowed for people travelling for necessity, medical, work reasons and those returning to domicile. All passengers travelling to Sicily must be in possession of a negative swab test result (48hours prior to arrival in Sicily) and self-quarantine for a period of 5 days. At the end of the 5 days, he /she must repeat the swab test result once again. 

The decree does not apply in the following cases (negative swab test result (48hours prior to arrival in Sicily) still required for entry in Sicily):

  • - Any person who enters Italy for a period not exceeding 120 hours for work, health reasons or necessity.
  • - Any person who transit in Italy for a period not exceeding 36 hours.
  • - Citizens residing in the EU who enter Italy for work reasons.
  • - Workers returning to their residence.
  • - Company personnel based in Italy who move to Malta for a period not exceeding 120 hours

All passengers departing Malta to Sicily are kindly requested to register on and fill in the details accordingly on this dedicated platform.  Passengers will be asked to present their registration form prior to boarding. Failing which, passengers might be refused boarding.

Self-declaration form must be duly filled in prior arrival in Sicily and available on request.

Effective 28 April 2021 and until further notice: Passengers who have travelled from or transited through India in the last 14 days will not be accepted to travel to Sicily. All passengers are to submit this declaration form to our cabin crew members prior to boarding the vessel.


Sicily classified as Orange Zone from 6th April till 10th May 2021. 

Sicily Orange Zone